The Grand Facade of 9/11

9/11 Was An Inside Job: Here Is The Evidence

The New World Order
*Video Collection*
Video 1:
Former U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush mentions the New World Order agenda:
*Watch the video here; Part-2
Video 2:
Henry Kissinger said the Obama administration has a "great opportunity" to help continue to usher in the New World Order:

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here; Part-2
Video 3:
CNN: "9/11 made the case for a New World Order."
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Video 4:
Congressman Ron Paul [R-TX] admits to the North American Union agenda to abolish U.S. sovereignty, and the New World Order agenda to create a one-world government:
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Video 5:
Congressman Ron Paul [R-TX] talks with Glenn Beck about the New World Order agenda to create a global government:
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Video 6:
While trying to expose CPS corruption, Senator Nancy Schaefer said in a radio interview: "It appears to me that the family is going to have to be destroyed in order for the one-world government to completely develop." She was later murdered:

*Watch the video here. [fast-forward to 3:05]
Video 7:
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton mentions the need for a New World Order:
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Video 8:
Fox's Glenn Beck mentions the New World Order agenda:
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Video 9:
CNN's Piers Morgan asks the founder of CNN, Ted Turner, about the New World Order agenda:
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Video 10:
CNN's Lou Dobbs mentions the New World Order agenda:
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Video 11:
Congressman Larry McDonald argues with Pat Buchannon and Tom Braden about the CFR's agenda to create a global government: 
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Video 12:
Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks about using globalization to create a New World Order:
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Video 13:
Former U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle said on CNN, shortly after 9/11, that "this is the best chance to establish the New World Order."

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Video 14:
In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a speech admonishing Adolf Hitler's New World Order agenda. Hitler (Illuminati puppet and member of the Thule Society mentored by Dietrich Eckart) had an occult agenda to take over the world and to establish a tyrannical one-world government; it was a plan Hitler and his occult minions called the New World Order.
*Watch the video here.

Video 15:
French President Nicolas Sarkozy mentioned the need to build a New World Order: 
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Video 16:
CNN whitewashesyet still admitsthat "Bilderberg is into the idea of a one-world government; a New World Order."

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Video 17:
Dick Cheney admits on C-Span that he was once the director of the CFRa secretive organization dedicated to the creation of a global government. The CFR audience erupts in laughter when he confesses he kept that fact a secret during his campaigns. 
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Article 18:
Bill Ayers to University Students: America's "Game Is Over" and "Another World" Is Coming:

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Video 19:
Senate candidate Stan Jones exposes the plans of key members in the U.S. government to legitimize aspirations of a North American Union and a one-world government:

*Watch the video here.
Video 20:
At the 2007 Bilderberg conference, Henry Kissinger admits the global elite are working behind the scenes to prop up Asiaparticularly Chinaas a new global superpower.

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Video 21:
Walter Cronkite, Hillary Clinton and Strobe Talbutt, contrary to the American Constitution, are seeking to dissolve American sovereignty while pushing towards a one-world government/"New World Order."

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Video 22:
Former presidential advisor David Gergen mentions the New World Order agenda:
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Video 23:
Because of 9/11, Senator Gary Hart said it's time for the New World Order to become a reality.
The first video below features footage from the "9/11 Road to Tyranny" documentary. It shows U.S. marines training with foreign military on how to conduct mass gun confiscation of American citizens. The New World Order is well aware that their vision of a tyrannical one-world government will be difficult to implement if the common citizen owns any type of firearm/weaponry to fight back with as opposition. An oppressive goverment needs a defenseless population.
*Watch video #1 here.  
*Watch video #2 herePart-2Part-3

Video 24:
Pat Buchanan & Alex Jones mention the New World Order in a radio interview:

*Listen here. [fast-forward to 5:30]:
Video 25:
Watch the notorious Aaron Russo's hard-hitting documentary, called "America: Freedom to Fascism," that exposes the New World Order and the income-tax scam.
*Watch the video here.
Video 26:
Alex Jones' documentary "9/11: The Road To Tyranny" exposes PNAC and the New World Order:
@ timestamp: 1:27:00 into the following documentary, you will see a FEMA commando demonizing Christians and the U.S. Founding Fathers to a group of police officers and firefighters. The FEMA commando characterizes the U.S. Founding Fathers as unruly thugs. He even goes so far as to say they were "the first terrorist organization in the United States." 
This type of corrupt indoctrination of our police, firemen and military personnel has become more commonplace [since September 11th] as the elite continue to brainwash law enforcement organizations to be pawns, willing to enforce the New World Order upon the rest of us if we, the masses, resist compliance.  
@ timestamp: 1:36:51 into the following documentary, you will see U.S. and foreign military engaging in a training exercise called "Operation Urban Warrior." In this exercise a group of role players are hired to resist mass gun confiscation and roundups of U.S. citizens to be sent to "detention camps."   
The role players shout things like: "You can't do this; we're Americans!," "Don't take our guns!," "I have children; I need food!," etc. 
Our government is covertly training specific military units for the day the New World Order criminals declare the need for Martial Law after they stage the next terrorist attack to grant them justification. 
*Watch the video here.

Civilian Prison Camps for Americans

KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton, was awarded a Homeland Security contract to create "detention camps" for Americans (political dissidents) once the government declares Martial Law following the next "terrorist" attack.
Additional links:
In 2003, former commander of the military's Central Command, Gen. Tommy Franks, warned that constitutional government could be subject to a sudden demise if another major terrorist attack took place in America. General Tommy Franks said that if the United States is hit with a weapon of mass destruction that inflicts large casualties, the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government: click here