The Grand Facade of 9/11

9/11 Was An Inside Job: Here Is The Evidence

The Project for the New American Century
[1.] Click here to read PNAC's official 90-pg document released in the year 2000. (Scroll down to pg 51 (or pg 63) to read their comment with regard to needing "a new Pearl Harbor" to accelerate their ambitions.)
[2.] Click here & here to read the BBC's summary of PNAC.
[3.] Click here to visit PNAC's official website.
[4.] Click here to watch PNAC featured on ABC News.
[5.] Click here to watch college students confront Bill Kristol about PNAC.
[6.] Click here to watch Bill Kristol go "speechless" regarding PNAC.
[7.] Click here: "The New Pearl Harbor (1)," by David Ray Griffin.
[8.] Click here: "The New Pearl Harbor (2)," by John Pilger.
[9.] Click here for a PNAC outline.
[10] Click here for two-page summary of the coverup.